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We brought Flossie, our lady Saanen-type goat,  home from sister Chuckie’s  late summer 2005 and began enjoying fresh goat’s milk Spring of 2006. Since then we’ve added her daughter Flodemi. The two of them produced an estimated 330 gallons of wonderful milk in 2009.  We’ve enjoyed fresh whole milk, kefir, fresh goat’s cheese, experimented with aged cheeses and mozzarella. We can extol the virtues of goat’s milk without reserve! Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is relatively high in calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, chloride, copper, and manganese. It is relatively low in vitamin B12, folic acid, and vitamin D.  These nutrients must be supplemented when using goat’s milk as an infant formula. Goat’s milk also has smaller, more digestable proteins and is recommended for folks who cannot tolerate cow milk. Goat’s milk is relatively low in butterfat. Average Saanen (our breed of Nannies) is 3.6%; although they do have some Nubian breeding whose butterfat is 4.5%.  Fermented kefir from fresh goat’s milk is much more thick and creamy than the store-bought cow milk kefir. The fermentation process further breaks down the proteins and makes it very easy to digest. It provides a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria and is one of nature’s true probiotics. Very comforting to the stomach, too. There are some old farmers who believe goat’s milk is the cure for recurrent ear infections in young children. If allergy to cow’s milk is contributing, they just may be right.

We have nanny goat shares available after spring kidding.  We also sell chevon for custom processing or to mix with pork for delicious, MSG-free and reduced salt wieners. Call for availability and pricing.



Please note: Our Goat Enterprise is temporarily on-hold pending uncertain pregnancy status of our does.

We can extol the virtues of goat’s milk without reserve!

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Donkey Jessie and friend  Flossie Summer 2005Winter 2006 Flossie, Buck Milo and Donkey friends Eeyore & JessieFlossie, Flodemi, and Milo in background Summer 2008Flodemi and baby Felix Spring 2009