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Arabian, Buddy, fall pasture 2005

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”  -David Orr

Eller Family Farm

Philosophy ~

        We respect the diversity of the world and the natural cycles that sustain it. We are stewards of the soil, water, air, and energies of the world. We are a part of the earth – not above it to control, not below it to be controlled, but within it. Living in harmony and respecting all diverse parts of the Earth celebrates life. It resonates our purpose in relation to God’s universe. We believe that health and happiness for all species depends upon fresh, nutritious, balanced, renewable energy.  And when we protect and heal the Earth, we protect and heal ourselves and our fellow creatures.  Health for all of us begins in the soil . . .


            *Produce fresh, nutritious food without chemicals, antibiotics, or supplemental hormones through a diversified, sustainable, small farm.

            *Contribute to the health of our community and it’s visitors by direct marketing locally and supporting local food system development.

            *Respect and foster a diverse, harmonious natural environment through a sustainable forest stewardship and conservation plan.




       *Diversify livestock production in order to use but conserve the  140 acres of fields and forest.

       *Use  Best Management Practices to protect, conserve, sustain the land, wetlands, and forest.

       *Foster maximum forage and woodland productivity within a sustainable Conservation Plan.

       *Diversify crop production by culturing native nuts, fruits, and hard maples; and by adding greenhouse and garden produce.

       *Within the silvopasture system, culture hardwoods for high quality saw logs or fuel wood and do ongoing research on managing hardwoods as a part of this system. Conserve oak mast trees for wildlife as well as reproduction for poles and fence posts.

       *Steward the fields and forests for wildlife with special emphasis on the white tailed deer, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey.

       *Replace use of fossil fuels by harnessing solar power, wind power, and horse power.


Over the next years, we’ll be updating and measuring progress. 


     Wish us Good Providence!

Steward -

“A person on a ship who attends to the passenger’s needs” . .

Webster’s Dictionary